About Us

At Holy Horn Global Empowerment Foundation we believe that every youth has the right to achieve success. Empowering youths through provision of adequate resources is our core cause and we strive to equip the future generation with necessary skills.

Holy Horn is a non profit organization, located in Ogun, Nigeria and founded with a vision of impacting youths through training, sponsorship and provision of basic needs.

Our talent based contests provides the opportunity for youths to realize and maximize their skills and through the help of our professional entrepreneurs, these skills are refined into relevant and marketable skills.

We provide supports that help shapen our youths vocationally and morally; making them exceptional at their chosen craft.

Holy Horn youths are inspired to strive for greatness regardless of circumstances, including gender or race. Our youths advance with embedded  skills, resources and characters needed to impact the next youth. 

We believe every youth has the right to maximize their full potential

Our Mission

Our mission is to make a difference both locally and globally, touching lives, one youth at a time through leadership training, education and vocational sponsorship, and provision of basic life support. We aim to empower every youth, regardless of race or gender.

By conducting diverse contest, our goal is to induce the realization of potentials and to influence potential maximization.


Our Vision

Our vision is to empower and impact; one youth at a time.


Our History

Holy Horn was established in 2009, kicking off with a competition between various secondary school seniors. The success of the event promoted subsequent events and with support from our sponsors and partners, Holy Horn is here to stay.

Through sponsorship and rewards in our competitions, we look to create vocational opportunities for the youths; we look to sponsor education and training in Nigeria, and in underdeveloped countries. We look to be present in nations experiencing disaster, contributing to the resuscitation of the economic and social development especially for the children and youths.

We look to provide social amenities especially water in villages and town where clean water is scarce. We believe every youth deserves a chance at success and we are the platform for potential realization and its maximization.


We are the Holy Horn proclaiming that success is achievable and we are here to help.

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