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Little beginning: The journey so far

Updated: Jan 1, 2019

Despise not the days of humbe beginnings,the bible says.Learn more abour ours.

Even though I got this idea several years ago, during my National Youth Service Corp, in the city of Jos, Nigeria; I strongly believe it is an idea from God’s heart to liberate the younger generation from violence, scams, frauds, gangs, and all vice habits. I believe the vision is to make them trust in their ability and pursue the growth to their benefit, and the wellbeing of their family, church, community, and Nation.

I had this striking idea after a nap in Jos. I woke up with a longing to organize a High school (Secondary school) Gospel Choir competition in Sagamu, Nigeria. The first person I shared the ideas with was a friend, Kunle (Sir Kay). We both laughed at the idea and brushed it aside. This is because I was popular for crazy ideas such as rearing peacocks and ostriches and selling off the feathers and eggs. Therefore, a lot of times, no one takes me serious.

However, this vision was persistent all through the week. I visited my dad in Abuja and I realized I was already designing and mapping out strategies to make it happen. I realized executing the scheme would cost me monetary, human, material, time and labor resources. As I had no access to any of these, I tagged it a crazy idea once again.

Nonetheless, I wrote down this troubling vision according to my elder sister’s advice in the past. Even though she laughs anytime I share my crazy ideas with her, she advises me to write them down and keep them. Since this idea of “high school musical” competition won't let me be, I wrote it down in the night. I remembered vividly the transition, immediately, I started penning down my thoughts; it was like a “cheat” during exam. In no time, I had a blueprint, the vision became clearer and I could feel the fire in my bones. However, I lost the moral by sunrise.

Some weeks after, I travelled down to Sagamu, a visit to my family. As usual, I shared this idea with my elder sister who is smart, and thinks very fast. I have learnt to trust her first response to any question. I spoke to her about my crazy idea and her first response was “that is a nice idea, you will need people and some money, but yes you can do it”, and there was my first backup. I went on to my mum and shared the same and she replied they were beautiful. She continued that she has not heard of such program before, and it will be nice if I can implement it; and that was my second reinforcement. Later that night, I met with Biodun (Bazooka), who was my assistant as a music coordinator in my church. I equally shared my thoughts with him, and he keyed into it. That was my third support, and that finalized it. I made up my mind on executing this mandate from God

The following Sunday, I called a team of seven young and vibrant youths in my church, Bunmi (my younger sister), Jumoke, Biodun, Simi, Tola, and Yomi (Scardy), including myself. No one had an objection, everyone liked the idea and was ready to make it happen. I aksed for a name, and in my spirit, I heard Holy Horn, and this is how the family began.

The team picked a date for the event, and the team spurred into action distributing invitation letters to High schools (Secondary school), going to board of education, meeting principals etc. I did not believe the turn out on the day of event, held at my church, Pentecostal Poeples church (PPC) Idile Alayo, Sagamu. The program was organized with efforts from people. All my sisters went into organizing and cordinating; youths in the church joined in managing and running the affairs. Some adults went extra miles inviting choir from primary schools. It was a success, I did not imagine.

As I am writing this, I reflect; the truth is this was never me and this was never my idea. This is a mission that God has deliberately set up, I can only be thankful that God used me for its execution.

I use this moment to acknowledge the first HHF team, youths and adults of PPC, all the schools that participated, the principals and teachers of participating schools, the educational body that helped in the successful planning, preparation, and execution of the first Secondary School Gospel Choir competition, The Holy Horn in Sagamu, Ogun state Nigeria. Thank you all, you made Holy Horn great.

Right now, Holy Horn is on the fly, the mission is bigger and brighter. Through sponsorship and rewards in our competitions, we look to create vocational opportunities for the youths; we look to sponsor education and trainings in Nigeria, and in underdeveloped countries. We look to be present in nations experiencing disaster, contributing to the resuscitation of the economic and social development especially for the children and youths. We look to provide social amenities especially water in villages and town where clean water is scarce. We believe every youth deserves a chance at success and we are the platform for potential realization and its maximization. We are the Holy Horn proclaiming that success is achievable and we are here to help. May God Help Us!



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